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Load demo data as input    Detail

Upload GWAS SNP P-value file (required) 
P-value -> -log10(P-value)

Specify the most significant SNPs 
Specify SNPs by P-value
Upload SNPs
Input SNPs

User SNP file upload
Options for searching LD neighborhoods

HapMap population  

Cutoff      r2   D'

Distance(up to 200kb)   kb
Options for pathway-based analysis (PBA)

Rule of mapping SNPs to genes

Pathway/gene set databases 
KEGG GO biological process OR upload your pathways/gene sets
BioCarta GO molecular function      

Number of genes in each pathway/gene set:  Minimum   Maximum

FDR cutoff for PBA:

Note: When the job is running, there will be a web link at the bottom of the running page for bookmarking the result page. You can also use the email function.
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